Fresh Produce

Photo of Sws-Chicken Egg Pasta Salad

Sws-Chicken Egg Pasta Salad 450g

$10.50 each

Photo of Sws-Chicken Schnitzel Salad

Sws-Chicken Schnitzel Salad 250g

$12.00 each ($4.80 per 100g)

Photo of Sws-Supafood Salad

Sws-Supafood Salad 485g

$10.50 each

Photo of Sws-Sweet Potato Salad

Sws-Sweet Potato Salad 250g

$10.50 each

Photo of Tangello Kg

Tangello Kg

$6.00 per kg

Photo of Taro Fresh P/Kg

Taro Fresh P/​Kg

$14.00 per kg

Photo of Tarragon Ea

Tarragon Ea

$3.95 each

Photo of Thai Beef Salad

Thai Beef Salad 350g

$11.50 each

Photo of Thyme Bunch Ea

Thyme Bunch Ea

$3.95 each

Photo of Tomato Cherry & Grape Mix

Tomato Cherry & Grape Mix 450g

$8.00 each

Photo of Tomatoes P/P

Tomatoes P/​P 1kg

$8.00 each

Photo of Tomatoes Roma Kg

Tomatoes Roma Kg

$9.00 per kg

Photo of Turnips White Loose Kg

Turnips White Loose Kg

$6.00 per kg

Photo of Walnuts

Walnuts 500g

$8.99 each ($1.80 per 100g)

Photo of Water Spinich Bunch

Water Spinich Bunch

$3.95 each

Photo of Watermelon Tub Large Ea

Watermelon Tub Large Ea

$4.95 each

Photo of Zuccini Lebanese P/Kg

Zuccini Lebanese P/​Kg

$13.50 per kg

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