Premium Beef Mince P/​Kg
$15.00 per kg
Chic Thighs Fillets P/​Kg
$19.00 per kg
Beef Round Steak P/ Kg
$20.00 per kg
Chicken Drumsticks P/​Kg
$6.50 per kg
Lamb Loin Chops P/​Kg
was $25.00 $16.00 per kg
Pork Spare Ribs P/​Kg
$22.00 per kg
Slape Saus BBQ 1.​5kg
$11.00 each $7.33 per kg
Chicken Breast Fillets P/​Kg
$16.50 per kg
Fitzco Rissolles Aussie Country Style 500gm
$6.50 each $1.30 per 100g
Lamb Leg Chops P/​Kg
$24.00 per kg
Slape BBQ Pack 800gm
$12.35 each $15.44 per kg
Beef Rump Steak P/​Kg
$28.00 per kg
Chicken Wings P/​Kg
$8.00 per kg
Lamb Forequater Chops P/​Kg
$14.00 per kg
Lamb Shanks P/​Kg
$15.00 per kg
Pasta Master Beef Lasagne 550g
was $9.63 $6.50 each $1.18 per 100g
Beef Stir Fry Strips Kg
$26.00 per kg
Lamb Cutlets P/​Kg
$35.00 per kg
Lilydale Chicken Breast Fillet Bulk Rw
was $18.00 $17.80 per kg
M/​Hall Sausages BBQ Thin 1.​8kg
$14.00 each $7.78 per kg
Baiada Chicken Whole Bird Free Range 12-16
$8.00 per kg
Beef Minute Steak P/​Kg
$24.00 per kg
Beef Osso Bucco P/​Kg
$16.00 per kg
Comm Co Ham Steaks 500gm
$6.95 each $13.90 per kg
Economy Beef Scotch Fillet Kg
$30.00 per kg
Economy Whole Scotch
was $25.00 $19.00 per kg
IGA Marinated Beef Roast
$19.00 per kg
Lamb Chump Chop P/​Kg
$24.00 per kg
Lamb Cutlets Crumbed P/​Kg
$37.00 per kg
Lamb Rack P/​Kg
$35.00 per kg
Lamb Riblets Kg
$15.00 per kg
Pork Mince Kg
$15.00 per kg
Royal Harvest Bacon Budget 1kg
$13.40 each $13.40 per kg
S/​G Pork Spare Ribs Sweet&​Sour
$26.00 per kg
Sausages Beef Country Style 500g
$9.95 each $19.90 per kg
Sausages Herb And Garlic Kg
$19.50 per kg
Sausages Italian Pork 500g
$10.50 each $21.00 per kg
Sausages Tasty Thick Kg
$18.50 per kg
Barossa Ham Leg Trpl Smkd
$13.00 per kg
Beak&​Sons Pork Rib
was $26.10 $21.60 per kg
Beef Crumbed Steak
$25.00 per kg
Beef Diced P/​Kg
$26.00 per kg
Beef Porterhouse Steak
$36.00 per kg
Beef Scotch Fillet P/​Kg
was $43.00 $30.00 per kg
Beef T-Bone Steak
$35.00 per kg
Boned & Rolled Lamb Shoulder Roast
$22.00 per kg
Bpa Yg Cube Roll Pieces Rw
$43.00 each $43.00 per kg
Chicken Cheese Schnitzel 500gm
$11.25 each $22.50 per kg
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