Fresh Produce

$12.95 per kg
Carrot Sticks 300gm
$5.95 each
Carrots Dutch Baby Bunch
$5.00 each
Celery & Carrot Sticks 300gm
$5.95 each
Celery Half Ea
$3.65 per kg
Celery Sticks 300gm
$5.95 each
Chilli Green Sweet P/​Kg
$19.90 per kg
Chilli Mexican Jalapino P/​Kg
$19.95 per kg
Chilli Red & Green Long P/​Kg
$29.00 per kg
Chives Fresh
$2.95 each
Chokoes P/​Kg
$10.00 per kg
Choy Bok Bunch Ea
$3.95 each
Choy Sum Ea
$3.95 each
Coconut Drinking /​Green
$7.00 each
Coconut Drinking Thumb
$7.00 each
Comm Co Caesar Bowl 200gm
$6.20 each $31.00 per kg
Comm Co Crnchy Ndle Kit 450gm
$5.30 each $11.78 per kg
Comm Co Salad Bacn Rnch 200gm
$5.70 each $28.50 per kg
Comm Co Salad Crmy Rnch 350gm
$5.80 each $16.57 per kg
Comm Co Salad Kit S/​C&​On 320gm
$5.95 each $18.59 per kg
Price Match
Community Co Aussie Mix 120g
was $3.20 $2.50 each $20.83 per kg
Price Match
Community Co Baby Spinach & Rocket 120g
was $2.90 $2.50 each $20.83 per kg
Community Co Leafy Mix 120g
$1.95 each $16.25 per kg
Community Co Thai Salad Kit 285g
$4.50 each $15.79 per kg
Continental Beans /​Kg
$16.95 per kg
Coriander Fresh
$3.00 each
Corn 2 Pack Ea
$5.95 each
Corn Ea
$2.00 each
Corn Sweet Pre Pack
$6.00 each
Cucumber Australian Kg
$9.95 per kg
Cucumber Australian P/​Kg
$8.00 per kg
Cucumber Lebanese P/​Kg
$3.50 per kg
Cucumbers Qukes P/​P
$3.99 each
Df&​N Pistachio Nougat All Sort 180g
$5.90 each
Df&​N Salted Cashews 200g
$7.95 each
Df&​N Sour Cherry Bombs 200g
$4.95 each $2.48 per 100g
Df&​N- Rocky Road Raspberry 175g
$5.90 each
Df&​N--Jelly Fruit Bombs 6 Pack
$3.95 each $2.63 per 100g
Df&​N-Almond Nougat 180g
$5.90 each
Df&​N-Anti Oxidant Mix 200g
$6.95 each
Df&​N-Apricot Delight 200g
$4.95 each
Df&​N-Banana Chips 125g
$2.95 each $2.36 per 100g
Df&​N-BBQ Outback Mix 200g
$5.95 each
Df&​N-Candy Blox 150g
$5.95 each $2.98 per 100g
Df&​N-Choc Caramel Popcorn 175g
$5.90 each
Df&​N-Cranberry Pistachio Nougat 180g
$5.90 each
Df&​N-Dried Apricots 260g
$5.95 each $2.98 per 100g
Df&​N-Dusted Ch/​Babies 100g
$4.95 each $4.95 per 100g
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